Who am I?

I'm Elise and passionate about healthy food and sports.
During my student days, I only found muesli and cereal that were full of sugars in the supermarkets. So I started to experiment with making my own healthy breakfast, from smoothie bowls to oat pancakes and crunchy granola. It not only gave me more energy during the day, it also helped me to complete my workouts. But what really convinced me to bring my own granola brand to the market is the lovely & happy feeling I always experience when I enjoy a healthy and high-in-protein breakfast or snack. 


It's my mission to inspire you with a crunchy and high-in-protein granola that is not only healthy but also boosts your energy level and helps to improve your sports performance!

Favourite breakfast

A fresh Açai bowl with strawberries & blueberries, topped with Fit GranOlala Original. It's a delicious power breakfast with so much flavours en crunchiness!

Favourite sport

I love crossfit because it's a concentrated shot of exercise and it burns your system in a good way.

Favourite quote

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.